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16, Sinchets Street,Village Svetovrachene, Sofia, Bulgaria

Since its establishment about 100 years ago “LAKPROM”Jsc. has grown and developed from a small private company through 100% State owned company, Joint Stock Company – 100% State owned to Joint Stock Company 100% - private owned.
“LAKPROM”Jsc. is one of the chief producers in Bulgaria, offering a wide range of paint & varnish products such as:

  • linseed oil;
  • putty;
  • architectural paints for indoor(latex) & outdoor decoration;
  • alkyd paint & enamel lacquers; wood paints & varnishes;
  • floor coatings;
  • fillers;
  • primers;
  • car enamel lacquers for reparation (acrylic AK-18, car enamel paint with metallic effect, alkyd PF-18);
  • electro-insulating varnishes,
  • paint & varnish products with special application: Fireproof insulating composition „NOVOTERM”®;
  • structural paints for machine building (shagreen);
  • anticorrosive systems for metal & metal constructions;
  • epoxy anticorrosive protective system;
  • protective chemical resistant chlorine-rubber-3 layer systems; protective system for galvanized sheet iron;
  • protective system against fungus, mildew and must;
  • road marking paint: chlorine-rubber & acrylic;
  • thinners; epoxy paints & enamel lacquers;
  • chlorine-rubber paints & enamel varnishes;
  • adhesives;
  • hardeners for epoxy paints and enamel varnishes;
  • water-isolation coatings, etc.

The specialists of “LAKPROM”Jsc. assist customers and offer new technical solutions for industry; refineries, oil depots, petrol stations, infrastructure and engineering, by developing harmless paints for toys, beehives, construction and the household.
“LAKPROM”Jsc. has Certificate ISO 9001:2015 and Certificate ISO 14001:2015, both in accordance with TÜV NORD CERT procedures, valid from 27.06.2016 until 26.04.2019, with a field of application in finished production and development activity.
The Base for Research and Investigation in “LAKPROM”Jsc. develops and fulfils orders for production of coatings with special application. The company has gained a huge practical experience over the years.
The production of paint & varnish products in “LAKPROM”Jsc. is done according up-to-date, classic, refined technologies and technological processes, observing sanitary-hygienic and ecological standards. Our products have good performance properties, which comply with EU requirements for preservation of human’s life, health and environment.
“LAKPROM”Jsc. provides its customers: Quality certificates, Conformity declarations, Instructions for use, Safety Data Sheets, Test-reports from accredited laboratories in accordance with legal requirements and thus further consolidates its credibility to customers and their confidence.
Our partners are world and Bulgarian market leaders. The cooperation with these companies finds its realization in cooperation in the development of new and improvement of the existing products.
Our production philosophy is continuous improvement of quality and in guarantee the constant interest of customers to our products. Our main purpose is to offer for sale better products, remarkable with excellent technological indices and long-lasting effect at better prices, and in that way to obtain satisfaction from the good results.
Qualified crew of specialists and consultants are observing the quality of the production and ensuring its sale.
The control over the finished products is performed with modern methods and methods for analysis and apparatus, some of which are unique.
  Besides physical tests we are able to make predictions on the terms of exploitation of our products under different climatic conditions, aggressive media and workloads.
“LAKPROM”Jsc. has got an accredited laboratory for analysis of raw materials and paints & varnishes. Product testing is performed in accordance with the best laboratory practices that control the quality of our products, giving a guarantee for their durability.
“LAKPROM”Jsc. sales its products all over Bulgaria on the base of contracts with distributors and customers, and fulfils individual orders for production of special paint & varnish products, with colors according standard or according RAL scale.
“LAKPROM”Jsc. offers its clients samples and competitive prices of its products.
Entire information concerning technological and exploitation qualities of our product range can be seen on our web- site: www.lackprom.com.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information e-mail: Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове. .

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